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Donor Memorial Quilt


The Living Legacy Foundation Donor Memorial Quilt commemorates the love and lives of those who given the gift of life through organ and tissue donation, as well as those who are donors in spirit. The quilt travels throughout Maryland, extending the impact of their generous gifts by raising public awareness and about organ and tissue donation.

Living Legacy’s first donor memorial quilt was started in 2001 and the quilt is never complete.

One seam is always left open to allow for new patches of love to be added. When one panel is completed, a new panel is started. No two squares are the same; each is as unique as the individual it was created for. The common thread holding these squares together is love.

How do I make a patch?

We don’t have many rules; we just want to ensure the sizing is correct and the square holds up over time. We encourage you to be as creative as you like and to make this process as meaningful as possible for the entire family.

  • Your patch should be created within a 8-inch square. Try and allow about an inch on all four sides for the seam.
  • We ask you ensure everything is fastened securely. Please avoid using glues which may dry out over time.
  • Please do NOT finish the patch with quilting or backing. We will do that for you.
  • You may use any color or fabric including a sentimental material such as your loved one’s baby blanket, favorite shirt or tie, etc.
  • You may use crayons, fabric paints, markers, glitter, or scanned photos to design your square. If you are including a photograph on the patch, please have it laminated and transferred directly onto the fabric by a copy shop.
  • You may adorn your patch with poems, quotes, and symbols you feel represent your loved one.
  • Feel free to include the name of your loved one and dates of their birth and death.
  • We encourage you to share the making of this patch with family and friends. This may be a wonderful opportunity to share stories and memories of your loved one. Please know as a LLF donor family, you are welcome to make more than one patch.

Submitting a quilt square

When your square is complete, you may want to take a photograph so you can remember this special "patch of love." We will not be able to return the patch to you once it is added to the Donor Memorial Quilt.

  • Enclose the patch in a ziplock plastic baggie to ensure its safety.
  • Include the full name of your loved one and their date of donation on the back of the square.
  • On a separate piece of paper, include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address and a short story about the patch, if possible.
  • Remember that by sending in a quilt square, you are giving your permission for the The Living Legacy Foundation to use and display the patch.

Mail your patch to:

The Living Legacy Foundation
Attn: Family Services Department
1730 Twin Springs Road, Suite 200
Baltimore, Maryland, 21227

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