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Writing to Recipients


Deciding whether to write your loved one's recipients is a personal and sometimes difficult decision. Perhaps you don't feel ready to write a detailed letter about your loved one. You and your loved one have a unique story to tell, and we want you to tell it at your own pace.

The Living Legacy Foundation's Family Services Department facilitates all correspondence between donor families and transplant recipients. Regardless of whether you decide to send a simple card or a detailed letter, just by reaching out you are letting the recipient know you are thinking of them.

Helpful hints and tips about the letter-writing process:

  • Donor family members often choose to write to recipients to tell a little about their loved one, their family, hobbies, occupation, etc. We've heard recipients welcome and appreciate these details.
  • Until you get a feel for your loved one's transplant recipients and for how you feel about corresponding with them, we recommend you do not disclose any identifying or direct contact information. While the Living Legacy Foundation does not restrict indentifying or direct contact information, we do want to make sure you have considered all of the potential outcomes of making such a disclosure.
  • LLF works closely with other donor programs and transplant centers to ensure recipients are ready to receive your letters prior to sending them. If we receive feedback the recipient is not ready to correspond, we will immediately contact you to discuss the next steps. Also, please know we will never forward a letter directly to you without confirming with you that you would like to receive it.
  • Due to increasing use of social media sites and other online search capabilities, the range of information making you "identifiable" has greatly increased. If you disclose the same information that you have written on a Facebook page, blog, or online obituary, your recipient may be able to locate you through the internet.
  • After your initial letter is written and forwarded to the recipient, you may feel somewhat anxious about whether or not you will hear back. Although many families do hear back from their loved one's recipients, there is no guarantee you will receive a response. Should your loved one's recipient choose not to write to you at this time, please do not take this inaction personally. In addition to the task of physically recovering from their transplant, many recipients are dealing with a complex range of emotions.

The Living Legacy Foundation's Family Service Coordinators are always available to assist you with writing to your loved ones recipients. We can answer questions about the process, discuss your feelings about taking this step, and help you write your card or letter. Please don't hesitate to call us with questions or concerns. Call 410-242-7000 and ask to speak to a Family Services Coordinator.

To send your letter:

1. Place your card/letter in an unsealed envelope
2. On a separate piece of paper, write your loved one's full name, the date of donation, and your contact information.
3. Place the first envelope and the piece of paper in a sealed envelope and mail your letter to:

The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland.
1730 Twin Springs Road
Ste 200
Baltimore, MD 21227

To e-mail your letter:

1. Attach your letter to the e-mail as a word document or enter the text into the body of your e-mail.
2. Please include your loved one's full name, the date of donation, and your contact information.
3. Send your e-mail to:

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