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Funeral Directors


The Living Legacy Foundation works closely with funeral homes and various community partners to honor the donation decisions of families and their loved ones. The role a funeral director plays is vital in our efforts to honor those who give the gift of life. We help to facilitate this process by keeping you closely informed before, during, and after the recovery process once a funeral home has been selected by the family.

The role of the recovery agency is also to notify the funeral home on the completion of the recovery and to answer any questions regarding logistics and techniques. We are always interested in your feedback!


To discuss specific cases, obtain additional information regarding the organ, and tissue donation process, or to schedule an in service please contact:

Kendra Harris

Funeral Home and Medical Examiner Liaison

410.245.4822 or 443.833.1431


24-Hour Organ/Tissue Donor Referral Line: 410.242-1178

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