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Skin and Wound Allograph Institute

Allograft skin processing has been a part of The Living Legacy Foundation’s mission leading back to the inception of the organization. The University of Maryland Medical Center opened the Maryland Tissue Bank and Laboratory in 1983 with only one coordinator, who is still works with the organization. The primary purpose of the lab was to provide biological dressings for the treatment of burn patients. Today, The LLF continues to be a leader in allograft skin processing and recovery.

Our partnership with LifeNet Health and The Skin and Wound Allograft Institute (SWAI) in 2007, allows The LLF to provide more than three times the amount of skin grafts than at any point in our history – expanding our ability to serve the needs of burn and non-healing wound patients locally and across the United States. SWAI is providing life-saving skin grafts for burn injuries while developing new technologies that will assist patients with non–healing wounds related to diabetes and surgical complications. LifeNet Health is a leading biomedical organization and organ and tissue donation agency located in Virginia Beach, Virginia with partners throughout the country. Working together with LifeNet Health also enables The LLF to share its experiences and expertise in processing split thickness skin grafts and help more people in need.

Click here for more information about LifeNet Health’s Skin and Wound Allograft Institute.

The Living Legacy Foundation is proud of our national reputation regarding human allograft technologies and will continue to strive to advance this evolving field.