The LLF's Donor Family Facebook Group

Purpose: The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland’s (LLF) Aftercare Team operates this private online group through Facebook for the purposes of grief support and connection between donor and donor-in-spirit families. This group is for people who are listed as the legal next of kin for our donors and donors-in-spirit. The LLF staff will need to seek permission from the legal next of kin for any requests made to join the group by others. The group is not visible to any non-members and will not show up on your profile, nor will anyone be able to see you are a member, unless they are also in the group.

Process to Join: In order to be added to the group, a member of The LLF team will need to send you a friend request. Once you accept their request, they will be able to add you to the secret group. Please note, the profile of The LLF team member will likely note their job description and place of employment, making the connection potentially observable by others on social media. Therefore, if a public connection with The LLF or the staff would be uncomfortable or violate your privacy in any way, please feel free to unfriend the staff member once you’ve been added to the group.  

Contacting the Team: Please be aware that a phone call or email is still the preferred contact method for reaching The LLF staff, even if you do remain Facebook friends or reach out through the group. A phone call or email will ensure a timely response and ensure adequate privacy since communication through Facebook Messenger is not compliant with privacy standards. To contact a member of our Aftercare team please call 410.242.7000, ext. 1147, or email us at  

Group Rules: It is important that this group remain a respectful and safe place for expression and discussion. The LLF staff will use this platform to share articles, events, and promote discussion and conversation. As a member, you are more than welcome to write posts, comment, or share. If you have a concern about something posted or shared, please contact us at 410.242.7000, ext. 1147, or  

Thank you! We look forward to having you in our group. 


The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland’s Aftercare Team

Donor Family Facebook Group Request Form

Donor Family Facebook Group Request Form