The LLF works closely with funeral service professionals to honor both a family’s wish to donate their loved one’s organs, eyes, and tissues and their wish for a meaningful funeral. The LLF provides assistance on a case-by-case basis and strives to educate funeral homes about donation and transplantation. The LLF’s funeral homes liaison works to facilitiate a seamless transition of the care of the donor from donation to funeral service. This liaison also helps to facilitiate this process by keeping funeral service professionals closely informed before, during, and after the recovery process.

The role of the organ procurement organization is also to notify the funeral home on the completion of the recovery and to answer any questions regarding logistics of techniques.

How You Can Help

As funeral service professionals, your support is crucial to ensuring that lives are saved through organ, eye, and tissue donation. You can help us save lives by taking part in some unique opportunities:

  • Become a member of The LLF’s Funeral Home Action Committee.
  • Familiarize yourself with our Best Practices.
  • Schedule a tour to The LLF to learn more about donation and transplantation.
  • Request educational materials for your organization.
  • Host an educational event for your staff and/or other funeral homes.
  • Include The LLF and Donate Life Maryland in your funeral home’s resource page.
  • Attend annual events supporting donation such as the Ceremony of Remembrance (link to Ceremony of Remembrance page) and the Donate Life Family Fun Run (link to Donate Life Family Fun Run page).
  • Voice any concerns, questions, or suggestions to The LLF’s Funeral Home Liaison.

We always welcome questions and feedback! To discuss specific cases, obtain additional information regarding the donation process, or to schedule an in-service presentation, please contact Kendra Harris, Funeral Home and Medical Examiner Liaison at 410-242-7000 or