Best Practices

The LLF will notify the funeral director as soon as the anticipated details of recovery are known.

The LLF’s trained Family Services Department will ensure that the family’s needs and concerns with the timing of donation and funeral services are understood and respected.

The LLF will respect and accommodate any religious or ethnic funeral customs and practices of the donor family and recognize the impact the recovery process may have related to those practices.

The LLF will provide the funeral home with an estimated time of completion for organ and tissue recovery procedures. The LLF will also work to facilitate the embalming process through the ligation of vessels and respectful reconstruction of the donor as necessary.

Any costs related to donation are not passed on to the donor family. The LLF provides a tax deduction in the amount of $345 for additional costs that are directly incurred as a result of the donation process. For details, please refer to the information packet sent to the funeral home with each tissue donor or contact Kendra Harris at 410-242-7000 or

The National Funeral Director’s Association (NFDA) encourages members to respect and support the donation process. If a funeral director is not in favor of donation, NFDA suggests communicating these concerns with The LLF before they are expressed to the family.

The LLF encourages communication and education by offering continuing educational programs, providing real time assistance to funeral homes, and working collaboratively with state associations.

Memorial Contributions

A donor family may wish to organize memorial contributions to The LLF in lieu of flowers. Checks may be made payable to The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland or may be made online. Please indicate whom your contribution is in memory or in honor of. An acknowledgement of the gift will be sent to the donor family.