Living Donation

Living Donors Are Lifelines

In Maryland, thousands of people are in need of kidney and liver transplants. While many are successfully transplanted each year, the growing need exceeds the number of kidneys and livers available from deceased donors.

You can help.

What Is Living Donation?

 Living donation is when a donor gives a kidney, a lobe of lung, portion of the liver, pancreas, or intestine to a family member, friend, or stranger as an alternative to waiting on the national transplant waiting list. Living donation allows more patients to be moved off of the waiting list, thus increasing the existing organ supply.

  • Nearly 6,000 living donations take place each year.
  • Some people choose to become an "altruistic" living donor, meaning they donate to someone they don't even know.
  • Living donors can provide a valuable lifeline to those waiting for a transplant. 



How Do I Become a Living Donor?

Contact one of Maryland's transplant centers for more information about how you can become a living donor.

Still Have Questions About Living Donation?

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