Family Services Manager, Tissue

Courtney joined The LLF in July of 2016 as a Tissue Family Services Coordinator. In that role she worked directly with families by supporting them through their grief and donation process. She was an active member of the aftercare committee here at LLF.

Courtney came to LLF with over 8 years of experience as a mental health social worker. She received her Master’s in Social Work from Salisbury University and went on to serve as a community mental health therapist on the Maryland Eastern Shore and then continued as a crisis counselor serving youth and families in Baltimore City. As the Tissue Family Services Manager, Courtney oversees the process of the tissue donation conversation as well as the grief and aftercare support that is provided to donor families.  

Courtney holds a license through National Association of Social Workers as a License Clinical Social Worker Supervisor and is a member of AATB, AATB Donor Family Services Council, and AOPO Tissue Council.