Office Manager

Kim began working at The LLF in October 2010 as a member of the Human Resources team in a split role as the Operations and Finance Coordinator.  In August 2012, she became the HR/Operations Coordinator, where she facilitated the recruiting process from start to finish, organized staff events, assisted with the implementation of a Learning Management System and continued her responsibilities to the Chief Operating Officer. In December of 2014 Kim was promoted to her role as the Office Coordinator and was recently promoted again in 2019 to Office Manager. As the Office Manager at The LLF, Kim wears many hats; she continues her responsibilities to the COO, manages the front desk staff, works closely with outside vendors, coordinates multiple schedules, manages contracts, and oversees daily office operations.

Kim is a member of The LLF Safety Committee, the secretary of The LLF Ethics Committee, and an active member of the American Society of Administrative Professionals where she recently received her PACE Certification (Professional Administrative Certificate of Excellence).