Our History

Growth; it's a key word for us here at The LLF. Whether it's growth in staff, in outreach, or in facilities, our organization is constantly growing. At the center of it all is a commitment to supporting our donor families, helping the thousands in need of a life-saving or enhancing transplant, and serving our community.

Our Story

Founded in 1979, the Greater Baltimore Organ Procurement and Perfusion Center began its mission as the organ procurement organization for the majority of the state of Maryland, recovering needed organs for transplantation. Since becoming The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland in 2007, we have facilitated 1,984 organ recoveries and over 5,325 soft tissue recoveries, leading to 5,801 transplants. We serve 3.9 million Marylanders through our work, helping to honor the selfless wishes of our donors. Our goal is to give the 3,000 Marylanders waiting for a lifesaving transplant the second chance they need.

Our work keeps us on the forefront of research and technology in the transplant industry, having prominent roles in groundbreaking advancements such as the most comprehensive full face transplant surgery in 2012 and the first transplant organ delivered via drone in 2019.

We work closely with 33 local acute care hospital partners and two local transplant centers to ensure a smooth donation process. We often work with teams from the 57 other OPO’s throughout the nation as well. 

We proudly partner with the 42 Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration offices, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, numerous local funeral directors, and many other community organizations that contribute to the donation process and registering people as organ donors.