Jeffrey Stout

Transplant Recipient - Organ

“Your donor was my daughter, Mischelle Ann Thompson” I was told three months after receiving a lifesaving single lung transplant on Nov.21st 2014, at The University of Maryland Medical Center.

I was on the phone with the mother, Lisa. Earlier I had received a call from Heidi at The Living Legacy Foundation, asking me if I would like to talk to the mother of my donor. “She is trying to reach recipients before she moves.” “Yes! Give her my number." Ten minutes later, Lisa called. Our conversation was very emotional with both of us nervous, hesitant, yet excited and thankful that we are talking.

Through Lisa’s grace I learned of Mischelle and the recent car accident that took her life. She was 26 years old and mother of 6 year old son, Tristen, whom she adored. She was the type that didn’t meet a stranger - open and friendly with everyone. She had an older sister and brother, nieces and nephews. I have since learned she has hundreds of friends.

We met for dinner, Lisa, her husband Rob, and I. We met several more times before they moved to Michigan. We attended “The Ceremony of Remembrance” provided by The LLF, which honors donors and their families. We are family and we stay in touch, talking often as time allows.

This beautiful young woman was taken at a young age, but her legacy lives on in her unconditional gift of love through organ and tissue donation. She has helped up to 54 lives. May her family be comforted by the legacy of life she has given. Please pray for them.

I thank God every day for his providence over my life and for every breath I am given. I can’t thank enough the incredible doctors, nurses and complete staff at UMMC. I think of Mischelle, her family, and friends every day. I often say to her, “Sweetheart, as you know better than me, God still has purpose for us. Let’s keep going.”