Joelene Scott

Donor Family or Friend

John W Scott in my eyes was my knight in shining armor. I nicknamed him “Babycakes “

He was my best friend, my hero, my other half. On August 1, 2016 my granddaughter and I had supper with John. A wonderful family meal, didn’t know it would be our last meal for all three of us. After we all ate my granddaughter and I went to drop off a DVD at Redbox in the front of our street. When we got back which was only a five minute drive or a few more, she walked in house first and found her grandfather on the kitchen floor. Collapsed, non responsive, eyes open and blue in color.

We both tried CPR and couldn’t save him. The paramedics tried as well, the hospital did too.

They called it sudden death syndrome. The heart just stops. I didn’t know that John was a registered donor to Living Legacy... They took his corneas, his skin. Both was used to help someone in need. Living Legacy kept me updated through the donations of my husband's corneas and skin.. sent out to me all updates on mail. Thank you.

Joelene Scott