Reggie Robinson

Transplant Recipient - Organ

On a beautiful autumn afternoon at Patuxent Branch Trail in Columbia, Md, Reggie Robinson recalls the first time he thought about moving to Howard County. Originally from Southern Illinois, Reggie was working as a teacher in VA when he remembers “wanting to retire in Maryland.” However, Reggie and his wife, Lissette, ended up in Denver instead, moving to Maryland two years ago after Reggie was listed for needing a kidney transplant. “We knew we had to move since The Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Maryland Medical Center are two of the top transplant centers in the nation. We have family here so moving made sense,” says Lissette. Once she found out she was a match for Reggie, everything fell into place. While Eliana, their 11 year old daughter, prepared to welcome family from across the region for Easter, Preston, their 9 year old son, became the Robinson’s “trainer"  taking them down to the trail so they could get in shape for the surgery. “I have a different desire for life now” says Reggie, looking down the trail, “I want to do what’s important. It’s important to me to focus on my family and find a work-life balance.” Lissette agrees and says that life after surgery is like “a weight has been lifted. Seeing Reggie with new energy and not being afraid for his health, it’s just the best feeling in the world.”