Rosanna Jordan

Donor Family or Friend

God bought a troubled young man into my life when he was 15. Shawn lived with us until his untimely death at the age of 28. His mother was an addict and passed away while they were living in a homeless shelter. Because he didn’t have a parent with him, the shelter said he could not stay. He began living in the woods My son was his classmate and six days younger than him, told me this young man’s situation and asked if we could help. It was far from easy, but I could see thru his tough exterior and knew deep down he was a good kid. The problem, he was already an alcoholic. He had a kind heart and gentle soul, I soon loved him as my own. It wasn’t long before he was calling us mom and dad. It was strange, but three months before he passed, he came into the kitchen and told me I was the only real mom he ever had, he loved me, and my husband was his only father. My reaction, “What do you want son?” He hugged me and said he wanted me to know how he was serious, I am his mom, and my husband is his only father. He never knew his biological father. The last words we spoke were, "Mom, I’m going swimming, I love you." To which I replied, "I love you too son, have fun." Shortly afterwards, I got a call. He slipped off the trunk of a car and hit his head. They were flying him to Shock Trauma. By the time I got there, the doctor came out, said he had a massive brain bleed, and his injury was not recoverable. I immediately said we wanted to do organ donation. My son was 28 years old. But now lives on. He saved the lives of three people and he would have wanted that. He was the type that if a stranger needed $5 and he only had $3, he would ask around to borrow the other $2. He would give the shirt off his back to anyone who asked and was always lending a hand to a friend or neighbor. Although he is gone, I know he would have wanted to help others live on. God bought him to me for a reason and took him from me once he served his purpose. I hope those that received hi